Established in 1994, Imperial Parking (Hong Kong) Limited is one of the largest and most experienced car park operators in Hong Kong managing some 100 car parks with around 15,000 parking spaces.

Over the years, Imperial Parking (Hong Kong) Limited has introduced a number of value-added services to customers such as safe and cashless electronic payment systems and fully automated access control and cashier system.

With our strong operations and management teams, Imperial Parking (Hong Kong) Limited was awarded various Government and quasi-government car park management contracts like the Hospital Authority, Lands Department, the Housing Society, the Mass Transit Railway Corporation (MTRC), etc.

Apart from the above, Imperial Parking (Hong Kong) Limited also serves as a long-term business partner with various local and multi-national property developers and investors.

By providing extensive carpark management services through car park facilities planning, traffic flow planning, automatic parking system and access control system installation, revenue optimization analysis, strategic utilization formulation, staffing and operating, Imperial Parking (Hong Kong) Limited guarantees maximum return for our car park owners, investors and business partners.