The Fact: Carpark Advertising offers a unique high profile, high impact medium of advertising which will help increase sales of products and/or services.

With every visit & exit to a car park, every car owner and/or the accompanying passenger(s) must either go through the gate barrier & ticket dispenser, drive/walk through in & out to the passenger lift or car lift to park or drive away, and most often, visit the shroff office to collect ticket or to pay.

With your advertising message strategically located at the right spots, at the right time and without the clutter of other messages around, there's no other effective way of reaching this group of potentially high impact audiences (business executives, professionals, decision makers, etc.) than using "Carpark Advertising".

How It Works?

"Carpark Advertising" is just fundamentally different from other ordinary traditional marketing and promotional means because of its unique nature, highly focused and targeted and more importantly substantialy cost-effective.

We offer the following means of carpark advertising:

  • Poster advertising
  • Banner advertising
  • Barrier advertising
  • Leaflet advertising
  • Car park ticket advertising
  • Product placement, etc.

Its Power